Bone funeral bed with scenes from the childhood of Dionysus

  • Localizzazione: Centrale Montemartini
  • Collocazione: Sala Colonne

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Informazioni storia

The remains of this funerary bed belong to a complex of furnishings of high artistic workmanship and precious materials, preserved at the Centrale Montemartini together with the ashes of the deceased in an alabaster urn. Along the surface are scenes from the infancy of Dionysus, depicted as a child as a symbol of the renewal of life and as an expression of the cycle of divine generations, according to a conception dear to the culture of the Hellenistic kings of Alexandria in Egypt. This type of object was in fact imported to Rome from Greece and the Hellenised world as war booty from the 2nd century BC, influencing the customs of the wealthier classes and introducing into the private sphere luxury objects made on this model. Discovered at the Esquiline, in the area of Piazza Vittorio.

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